Art that stays with you forever

A sudden turn of events

I must admit I’m not that keen on classic art. As an art student, you would expect me to sing praises to Mona Lisa and the likes, but nope, you won’t hear them 🙂 Of course, I appreciate the talent of painters like da Vinci and Rubens, but… well, the world moves on and art changes along with it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m totally in love with modern art. Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol – that’s what I call art! I’m fascinated with everything unusual and extravagant. Flashy colors, mind-boggling images, untypical compositions – I’m all for it. And you know what the best thing about contemporary painting is? It’s that there are new names continuously popping up on the list! I love visiting local exhibitions just in case I stumble upon something worth my attention. For the same reason, I keep surfing the web every day. After all, we live in a digital world 🙂 And the best way to keep up with the latest news is to stay connected 🙂  And you know what, my efforts have paid off!

…And another surprise!

I want to introduce you to a wonderful artists I came across while googling. Most likely, you never heard his name, even thought you might have seen his works. This mysterious guy is Leonid Afremov, a Jewish impressionist (or rather post-impressionist if you allow me to show off 🙂 who became famous mostly because of internet marketing. Yes, you can actually purchase his paintings over the internet and it won’t cost you that much! And you know what, after seeing his works, I’m seriously considering that option. You might not realize that, but many famous colorful abstract paintings have actually been created by this man! Let’s take this one for example:

  • I was instantly hypnotized by the vibrant palette that turned a gloomy autumn evening into a miraculous festival of light and color!
  • The second thing that caught my eye was the artist’s style. Chunky, textural strokes create an illusion of depth that adds plausibility and expressivity to the scene.
  • Finally, you just can’t ignore the romantic and positive message of the painting! It is so simple yet so universally appealing… It’s a rare gift to paint canvases like that…

I’m totally thrilled with famous colorful paintings you can see here. Leonid Afremov is definitely an artist worth checking out! Perhaps, some of his canvases will even end up on your wall…

image (1)



Inspired and motivated!

It’s hard to live this life without a little inspiration 🙂 I know I can’t! When I wake up, I open the window to hear the sound of the busy street, turn on my favorite music and make a cup of strong coffee to shake off sleepiness. This is the best way for me to start a new morning. If I spend even a single minute rolling in bed, I risk staying there until midday 🙂 You see, motivation is everything! The same goes for art. Sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with a theme for my next painting. Then I open my laptop and go hunting for ideas 🙂 Many of my ‘colleagues’ completely disregard sites like deviantart or etsy. Bad for them 🙂 These portals are an incredible source of valuable works that can be used as a starting point for your own project. For instance, I really like the stuff posted by this author Her paintings are so fresh, subtle and emotional! I think emotions are crucial for art. A good work, be it a painting, a sculpture or a song, should evoke a strong empathic response in a viewer or at least provoke some deep thoughts. Without it, art would have never become central in our life! I really hope my own paintings are at least partly as good as I think! 🙂


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Hazel Parker and this is a place where I will share my thoughts, feelings and tell you about everything that happened to me today! I’m 23 and I go to the art college. Some people think art is boring and outdated. But let me assure you, that’s not true! I’m not even talking about those famous pictures you can see in museums. Art keeps evolving every single year, every single day. Thousands of new styles are born right as you read this post! And who knows, perhaps I’ll be the one to say a new word in contemporary painting… Dreams, sweet dreams… We’ll see 🙂